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Printing Services

With unprecedented transparency in the cost of printing and selling your book, we give our authors complete control by allowing them to choose the retail price and the royalty per book copy sold. Moreover, although retailers get a discount, we recommend setting your royalty at the same level as the printing cost so you can maximize your book's earning potential.

Use the calculators below to figure out how much the book's retail price should be, as well as your royalty per book copy sold.

Please be aware that the sales tax is not visible. Sales taxes, if applicable, will be applied when an order is placed on your account. The price shown before putting any amount under Royalty per Copy is the printing cost.


For custom sizes, please let us know so we can give you a quote. If you also prefer to print your book in bulk somewhere else, we will provide you with the necessary print-ready files. You always have complete control over your book project with us.

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