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Marketing Services

Book Reviews

Get verified customer reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble, Google Books, BookBub, Kobo, and Alibris. We promote your book and let the reviewers purchase it on site. This service will definitely increase reader engagement. 4-5 Reviews - $1,145 8-10 Reviews - $1,995 15-20 Reviews - $3,995 25-30 Reviews - $4,995

Extensive eBook Marketing

We promote your book based on reader demographics to buyers who are most likely to purchase your book. This service can get your book's category ranking to the Top 20, and depending on the service, might even get your book to reach Number 1. 25 Sales - $1,045 50 Sales - $1,995 100 Sales - $3,495 200 Sales - $6,495

Category and Keyword Boost

We will boost your book's category on Amazon to improve your ranking and visibility for sales. This service should result in Best Seller ranking and increased sales potential. Price - $495

Editorial Review

A professional reviewer will supply a 90-word review. This will be the first review appearing on Amazon. You can also see the review on the website of The Independent Review of Books. Price - $495

Book Video Trailer

Our professional video editors will provide you with an engaging video trailer of your book. Basic - $395 Premium - $495

Book Video Advertising

We will run a video advertisement of your book video trailer or any existing book video you have on Google, YouTube, and thousands of other apps and websites. 5,000 Views - $495 10,000 Views - $889 20,000 Views - $1,579

Film & TV Pitch

We pitch your script to participating Film and TV industry professionals using a well-written query letter that highlights what makes your book unique and marketable. Price - $1,249

Literary Agent Reseach

We research top 5 agents looking for books in the same genre as yours. A professional query letter will be supplied along with the contact name, contact information, and submission guidelines for each agent. Price: $639

Press Release

We supply a 400-word press release and distribute to more than 400 premium news outlets. Price - $639

Author Website

Our professional web designers will create an author website to help you promote your book. Complete with a custom domain name registration and hosting for 2 years. Price - $499

Radio Interview

Get a 20-25 minute interview with Ric Bratton in This Week in America. This radio program is on over 100 stations in the US, and growing. Audio only - $1999 Video - $2,399

Book Exhibit

Choose from the different national and international book shows to display both your book's print copy and eBook. Aside from the regular listing in the show catalog, you will also get a full-page advertisement of your book. Price: $3,549

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